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Okean Elzy

The group has existed since 1994. The origin of the group took place in Lvov, Lviv region in Ukraine. The first composition of the group consisted of three people: a) Dima Shurov b) Slava Vakarchuk c) Yura Khustochka (1994 - 2003) Okean Elzy is the most famous and most pronounced Ukrainian rock band in the CIS. Every year, the Okean Elzy collective gathers almost a million people, at their concerts, in almost all major cities of Central Europe. On stage, the rock band captures the attention of fans with their virtuoso playing of electro-musical instruments. In the press, Okean Elzy has been repeatedly recognized by music critics as the best rock band and live orchestra of the CIS. And in life, more than 19 years, the collective enriches the style of young people with high-quality unique melodies and deep lyrics. To date, the Okean Elzy collective has released the following albums: 8 albums, 5 singles, an acoustic album, 2 Best of collections and 29 music videos. In the middle of May, the Okean Elzy collective released a new 8th album, Earth. The line-up of the group worked on the album, recorded in the studio with three-time Grammy winner - Ken Nelson. It consists of 12 tracks. The first single of the album "Earth" is "Obіymi" (English Embrases), which was released in February this year. On April 18, the second single "Shoot" was released along with a music video directed by Mike Bruce. Vladimir Opsenika is one of the best Balkan guitarists; he also took part in the tour with the band. He worked on the "Earth" recording together with the Okean-Elzy band. The band started playing in Lvov, Ukraine in 1994. The composition of the team currently consists of: a) Slava Vakarchuk - soloist (from 1994 to the present day) b) Vladimir Opsenika - guitar (from 2013 to the present day) c) Denis Dudko - bass guitar (from 2004 to the present day) d) Milos Jelic - keyboards (from 2004 to the present day) e) Denis Glinin - drums (from 1994 to the present day) Departed group members: a) Yuri Khustochka - bass guitar (1994-2004) b) Pavel Gudimov - guitar (1994-2005) c) Pyotr Chernyavsky - guitar (2005-2013) d) Dmitry Shurov - keyboards (2000-2004) Albums released by the collective: a) 1998 - "There, de us are dumb" (Where we are not) b) 2000 - "I am in nebi bov" (I was in heaven) c) 2001 - "Model" (Model) d) 2003 - "Super symmetry" (super symmetry) e) 2005 - "GLORIA" (GLORIA) f) 2007 - "Peace" (Measure) g) 2010 - "Dolce Vita" h) 2013 - TBA Acoustic album: In 2003 - "TV format" (your format) Singles: a) 1996 - "Budynok zi-skla" (House of Glass) b) 2002 - "Cold" (cold) c) 2004 - "Dyakuyu!" (Thanks!) d) 2006 - "Have fun, Brother, the Clock has arrived..." ("Brother, Merry times have come") e) 2009 - "I want it so..." (I want it so...) Collections: a) 2006 - "1221" ("Best collection") b) 2010 - "Best of" Solo projects: 2008 - "In the Night" (In the Night) - a solo album released by the band's frontman Svyatoslav Vakarchuk 2011 - "Brussels" (Brussels) - the second solo album of Slava Vakarchuk Slava Vakarchuk (Ukrainian: Svyatoslav Ivanovich Vakarchuk, born May 14, 1975, in the city of Mukachevo, Ukraine) is the lead vocalist of Okean Elzy, the most successful rock band in Ukraine. He actively supported the Orange Revolution in 2004 and is actively involved in many social and cultural projects. He is one of the most successful musicians in Ukraine and also holds a degree in theoretical physics. By 2007, he had released six (6) studio albums with his band Okean Elzy: a) "There de us are mute" (Where we are not, 1998), b) "I am in nebi bov" (I was in heaven, 2000), c) "Model" (2001), d) "Super symmetry" (Super symmetry, 2003), e) "GLORIA" (2005), f) "Peace" (Measure, 2007), and one (1) acoustic album "Tviy format" (your format, 2003). The Ukrainian magazine "Correspondent" ranks him as one of the 100 most influential people in Ukraine (in 2008 he took 55th place). In the early parliamentary elections on September 30, 2007, he became an independent candidate on the list of the Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense Bloc (number 15). In the Verkhovna Rada, he was a member of the parliamentary committee on freedom of speech. In early September 2008, he gave up his seat in the Verkhovna Rada due to a new political crisis. In 2008 Svyatoslav Vakarchuk presented a private project "In the Night" ("Night"), released the album of the same name. This album was released under the name of the ideological inspirer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, but other musicians of the Okean Elzy group, as well as many specially invited musicians, took part in its creation. For all fans of the music group "Okean Elzy", listening to the group's songs online is quite convenient. For those who want not only to hear but also to see the work of the Okean Elzy group on stage, the YouTube channel will provide you with maximum opportunities.